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2020 // Leaning Into Racial Equity

We’re at a critical juncture in history. As members of the Tides and Pledge 1% corporate community, we have the power and responsibility to change our world for the better. This fall and winter, we are leading the charge through our flagship event, Corporate Impact Leaders Forum 2020: Leaning into Racial Equity.


Join us for a series of 4 free virtual events and let’s leverage our collective impact to accelerate the pace of social change.




How Corporations Can Move the Needle on Racial Equity


October 22, 2020 | 10-11am PT


Companies can address racial equity on many fronts: bring in a racial equity lens throughout your social impact work, scaled & impactful philanthropic giving, better procurement and supply chain policies, impact investments to BIPOC-owned businesses, D&I centered hiring practice, and many more. Hear what leading racial equity experts have to say about where we are on the issue and the efforts by a few companies on the forefront of moving the needle.



Justin Steele, Principal at
Tracy Williams, VP of Business Partners and Chief Diversity Officer at New Relic
Miriam Warren, Senior Vice President, Engagement, Diversity + Belonging, Yelp
Roxana Shirkhoda, Director of Special Initiatives, Tides
Tanya Odom, Moderator | Global Diversity and Inclusion Expert and Coach





Blending Your Investments and Values: What’s Possible


November 2020 | Date to come


Join Tides for a conversation about insights into investing with a social lens or social impact investing.




Forecasting 2021 through Lessons Learned from Corporate Responses to 2020 Crises


January 2021 | Date to come


2020 has been both a unique and tremendous year in corporate social impact. As we look to the new year, hear from leaders in the industry on how their learnings from responding to the crises this year, especially the racial justice movement, would shape the field moving forward.



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The Role of Corporations in Guarding Healthy Democracy: What Can Your Company Do?


September 29, 2020 / 10-11:30am PT


A thriving economy and business community depend on a healthy democracy. If you’re ignoring the systemic issues in our elections, politics, and governance, you’re missing out on an opportunity to remove roadblocks to your goals. We will hear from leaders with their fingers on the pulse of the state of our civic health—especially how racial justice plays an important role—and concrete ways companies can engage in guarding democracy. Learn what actions your company might consider taking in the coming weeks leading up to the election, as well as sustaining that effort beyond.



Natalia Salgado, Chief of Civic Engagement, Center for Popular Democracy
Sarah Bonk, Founder & CEO, Business for America
Erin Reilly, Chief Impact Officer, Twilio
Jason McBriarty, Director of Communications and Operations, Levi Strauss Foundation
Olivia Khalili, Vice President, Global Social Impact and Philanthropy, PagerDuty
Edward Wang, Director, Corporate Social Impact, Tides





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